About me

See what other people do not see and show ordinary moments in such a way that everyone wants to see them with my eyes - this is what a photographer mainly focuses on and I have been working professionally since May 2017. I was associated with my previous profession which was a press journalist for 10 years and it allows me to easily deal with one of the most difficult and demanding sacrifices genre of photography - reportage. The rest I learnt at the Nikon Academy where Grzegorz "Moment" Płaczek showed me the magic of wedding photography, Łukasz Sokół taught me about unusual portraits, Krystian Bielatowicz showed the beauty of street photography and Paweł Duma helped me in taking beautiful pictures at night and gave thousands of wise advice.

The equipment I work with is a high-performance Nikon D750 with two basic lenses: 24-70 and 70-200.

The name "FotoMyszy" derive from the city where I work every day and which I associate with my childhood, Myszyniec.

I am constantly deepening and developing photography knowledge and skills and it would never change for the rest of my life. I have numerous inspirations and new ideas every day. If you want to entrust me this important day (wedding, baptism, jubilee or any other event) - I am ready to work! See you soon!